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Tracing it back...

In November 2021, just days before returning to the United States, it seemed as though my world was being turned upside down. I had to part farewell with incredible lovers, friends, animals, and my bungalow home on the island of Koh Phangan, I returned to Chiang Mai where I realized my system had succumbed to COVID-19 (albeit mild), my instagram got hacked and all personal posts deleted, my late principal and dear friend passed in a tragic hit and run car accident, and I also ended up tearing my lateral meniscus while rock climbing. All on top of saying See you later to my girlfriend, family, and community that I had built all on my very own in the two years prior. Not to mention, my flight out of Thailand fell during Loy Krathong which was accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio - I was receiving a BIG lesson in impermanence, life and death.

My heart was heavy, my sinuses a bit clogged, and my knee braced. With the dear help from friends, I reluctantly made my way to the airport and back to the United States. With my digital diary out of grasp, there was an aspect of me that felt empty and alone - I didn't have my normal platform to process and share.

Fast forward 6 months and two more eclipses and my IG has finally been returned!! I am going to add a section to this space dedicated to immortalizing these thoughts as best I can, in the case my platform is hacked again. I hope you can enjoy the last couple years as much as I did!

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